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  • Posted May 16, 2022

    We have Great News!

    Wellington on the Lake Golf Course has joined the Greens` Fee Passport program for the 2022 golf season. There are now two different digital coupons for this facility posted on their page on our site which you may view here.

    All Registered Greens` Fee Passport Publication Members are able to add one of each of these additional coupons to their Library FREE OF CHARGE by logging into their account, visiting the WOTL page on our site and clicking on the coupons. Digital Members may purchase these coupons at anytime and Registered Publication Members may also purchase additional copies at their discretion.

There are recent changes to golfpassport.com that you should know about.

We've added a special feature to allow giving Coupon Packs as Gifts!

Look for more information in the My Account Info dropdown in
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