How do I redeem my Digital Certificates? recommends using either the Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers for printing our certificates!

My Account Members should:

  1. Login to your My Account.
  2. Choose a Golf Course from any of the available Golf courses. Click here for a current list of participating courses.
  3. Choose the Digital Coupon you wish to take advantage of and decide how many your group will need. You may purchase as many as you would like. To save even more money on digital coupons , buy one of our Coupon Credit Packs. Click Here to learn about them.
  4. Purchase the Digital Coupon(s) by clicking on the (Cart with + sign) and following the payment instructions. Once your purchase is approved, the coupon(s) will automatically be added to your My Account Library and located under the Passport Coupons or Digital Coupons Tabs.
  5. Book your game(s) at a time that is appropriate for using that Digital Coupon.
  6. FYI - Make sure that your printer is connected and operational before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Click on the Print button to the left of the Coupon you wish to use.
  8. A properly printed certificate will comprise your Name, Membership Number and a Unique Redemption Code. Make sure all of this information appears on your certificate.
  9. Take the certificate(s) with you to the golf course and present at the pro shop when paying for your round(s).

Voila! You have just redeemed your Digital Certificate and should expect a thank you email from the club. Don’t forget to enter your score in your My Account Score Keeper/Handicapper and if the club includes a Response Card in their email to you please complete it honestly as it will help the club improve their level of service to you and other golfers in the future!

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