Give a Package of Coupon Credits as a GIFT!

You can purchase packages of coupon credits as a gift for your friends or loved ones. Each credit will allow the recipient to instantly add coupons to their library to use as they please. N.B. Coupon Credits NEVER EXPIRE! If your recipient does not convert all of their credits into coupons this year they will be able to use any credits that remain in their account in the years to follow.

You can purchase packages of 5, 10, or 20 credits and you can combine packs to make a single gift.

Only $29.99

Only $49.99

Only $79.99

How it works

  1. Add gift packs to your cart
  2. When you are on the checkout page you will be able to enter the name of the Gift recipient
  3. Purchase your cart
  4. You will have a link in your receipt to view you gift certificate
  5. You can now print or email the gift certificate link to the recipient (or both if you like)

To Redeem a Gift

  1. The gift email or printed certificate will have a link to and a code to redeem the gift
  2. Navigate to
  3. Enter your email and postal code (this is used to check if there is an existing account for you)
  4. If an account already exists:
    1. Adjust/Update any out-of-date account information
    2. Reactivate the account
  5. If an account is not found:
    1. Fill out the account information
    2. Activate the account
  6. Navigate to the Gift Redemption Screen
  7. Enter the gift code from the certificate
  8. Click REDEEM!

NOTE: If you navigate away from the page while creating the account or just after; you can always navigate back to the gift redemption page and redeem the coupon on that new account.

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